Comments on Ruler


Jerry Havelend

I couldn’t put it down, I’m talking about Ruler of Kings, The Voice of the Ancients. What a great book!!   Tons of twists and turns, exciting places and appealing characters.  Would love to see this made into a movie.  Hope Hollywood doesn’t miss this one.

Sue Anne Wilson

Every day I rush  home and continue to read your book Ruler of Kings!   What a thrilling story, unexpected twists and turns, strong characters  mystical and alluring places- I love it!  Interesting plot regarding a world ruler.   Write more, please.

Theresa Thomas

Orlando, Fl.

Ruler of Kings,  what a thriller-wow!   The exotic places and mystery- you paint a vivid story.  I know I should hate that seductive charmer, but I can’t.  He is everything women want and don’t need! Lol    One of my favorite scenes is the ancient festival and the  opulent desert tent, take me there.  Is there a sequel? I hope so.


This one is so different from your first book, Anna. But  the story was every bit as good, and I couldn’t wait to come home from work and continue reading.  The people in this book are alive and you wrote it allowing us to be a part of each chapter- wonderful.  The beautiful and exotic scenes were spell binding and alluring.  Please tell me you have another one coming!

Sue Nathan

I loved this story! I felt like I was watching a movie.  Your descriptions are amazingly vivid and the twist and turns wow- hurry and write another book!

Joyce Daniels

I wish I had your ability to create such living scenes and characters. And like your first book this should be made into a screen play. In fact, it almost reads like a movie script. Many surprises and unexpected things occur in this book, maybe some are too unexpected, most readers like a little more notice when a change is about to happen.  I  did enjoy the journey. Keep On Writing.

Diane Thomas

Chicago Ill.

This book is great!  I read it in two days couldn’t put it down, thanks for writing it.

Johnnie Blackwelder

“Ruler of Kings” is a high stakes political thriller full of love, deceit, faith and betrayal. Unforeseeable twists and turns lead us into a world that very few of us could fathom even in our wildest dreams! As the story comes to life it is apparent that through the use of power, control, life altering secrets and manipulation the REAL rulers of the world can and have caused once normal people, families and whole governments to dance for the “puppet master” of an ancient society that has more wealth, power and influence than anyone could ever conceive! Set in a conflicting web of normalcy, unbelievable wealth and family secrets the story winds its way through modern society with all of the political, social and sexual attributes we experience today as well as bringing to life an ancient civilization that explains that our world may have been under the control of a select powerful family far longer than we could imagine. With religious and moral underpinnings and the culmination of fascinating events and attractively portrayed characters we are lead to an unexpected conclusion all the while remaining emotionally moved and wildly entertained! A must read! (see).

Michael Kelly

I really, really enjoyed "The Voice Of The Ancients"! It has great characters and is full of excitement,intrigue, plot twists and turns.... all the elements that make for a GREAT story. Melanie Powers has done it again!!!

Charlie Nelson

I finished reading your second novel Ruler of Kings The Voice of the Ancients, what an imagination you have!  A great read, strong interesting characters and unbelievable plot.  Several times I was completely surprised by the many twists and turns in this saga. I was glad it didn’t end like  I thought it would. I am  waiting for Hollywood to make this into the block buster it can be.