Aug 242017

I have been so lazy in regards to my books and writing. How lazy have you been, you might ask. Well don’t. This summer has been a season of many distractions and some sorrow. I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death with a good friend and my brother-in-law. I miss them both. The remodeling of the master bath, out of town company, a new grand daughter, surgery and more! So while I haven’t been glued to the computer writing, or editing, I’ve been busy.

I am in the process of getting Anna printed for the 3rd time. I only have two copies left and have several requests to purchase this wonderful book. Also, found out that some used copies are selling on Amazon. And a dear lady told me that she has loaned her copy to about eight or nine people in five states in the past two years. Doesn’t help my bank account, but the story is moving forward. So I am well pleased.

The entire writing adventure has been a wonderful experience and I am thankful that I got out of the boat and took the step of faith. Years ago the Lord spoke to me and said, “the boat is extremely full of fearful people. Step out onto the waters of faith and trust Me. Out here where I am, there is plenty of room.” So I did. Is He calling you to do the same thing?

Mar 072016

When a professional woman starts to choke up as she talks about my book, Anna a Story of Redemption, again it makes me realize  I  did write a good story. Six years ago next month the journey began when I sat down to write a few paragraphs of what quickly became a novel!  The entire book was written in about six weeks with eighteen months of editing following. I am confident of this the Holy Spirit gave me the story and I blindly stumbled through the process of publishing my first novel.

More than eight hundred men, women, and teens have enjoyed being with Anna as she traveled her road of faith and some became good friends with her. She was a sweet, gentle, but powerful woman who loved Jesus without reserve. Anna, a Story of Redemption, is a work of fiction, but with historical events portrayed accurately surrounded by love, passion, romance, hatred and betrayal.

However, I am certain  the same story could have been written about countless women and men who experienced the wonder and terror of living in first-century Israel – people who followed the Master Jesus accepting persecution, torture and worse for His Name sake.  So yes, I wrote a fiction, but who’s to say it isn’t true? Was there a young Jewish woman who lived in that disruptive time who received Jesus as Messiah then lived, loved and suffered as Anna did?

Perhaps, what has been accomplished by this book is that some unknown Israeli woman from centuries past has been given a voice and her story told. Stranger things have happened. Is it possible that we could meet ‘Anna’ in heaven? Now that would be a gift to me for sure, but knowing that this story has touched so many lives is a sweet bouquet of love from Jesus Himself.

Until next time.

May 312013

This week we celebrate our grandson Joseph’s high school graduation and, like all grandparents and parents, we all ask where has the time gone? The standard answer is it has flown by. Is there a time graveyard? Or a huge closet where time is just hanging around? No, it is gone. Time really is one of our most precious commodities and all of us take it for granted and abuse it. Yet it is so precious and fleeting. I have so many treasured memories of Joseph and our time together and yet I wish there were more. But I cannot go back in history and make even one more memory with him. He will never be two months old or three or six years old again. That space in our lives is over, never to be repeated.

The one thing in life that we can’t ever get back is time. Once that hour is gone, it is gone forever. Almost everything else in life we can get a redo on, a second chance, but that is not true with time. There is no redo with yesterday. We can relive that moment in time as we travel back in our memories, but it can’t be changed. Some of our memories we truly enjoy and visit them regularly. However, many of our memories are full of fear, hate, shame or regret. These are the emotions that memories often bring with them. How strange that an event that happened years ago still holds our hand and wants to walk us back into that situation. There waiting for us are the feelings and reflections from that slice of time in our lives.

We forget what we ate last week, who we talked with, what we wore, and a thousand other things we did, but in our memory there are also thousands of things that we have not forgotten. No matter how forcefully we try to push some of them away from us, they still call our name. They have not forgotten us. Again we are thankful for many of them and others we avoid at all cost. Still the past can’t be changed or altered. However, it can be forgiven if need be and that decision severs the tie that binds us to anger, fear, regret, shame, and all the other negative emotions. Forgiveness, if applied, can and will silence those voices that haunt us.

Also love and mercy, if applied daily, can assist us in making good memories and basking in the joy of every hour. These two wonderful gifts are so powerful and life changing for all of us and yet we don’t saturate ourselves and others with the sweetness of them every day. They both are what is desperately needed by every human on this planet.

So what is the secret of happy memories? Love and mercy given freely to all and even to ourselves. Every day jump into the ocean of His love and mercy and pull as many people as possible in with you. Allow yourself to drown in His sweetness. Then your memories will have the aroma and goodness of Him – Jesus. Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. Every day plant seeds of love, mercy and goodness and you will harvest countless amounts of the same and your memories will be sweet.

Remember: While we were His enemy and living in rebellion against Him – He loved us and gave Himself for us.

Mar 212013

Spring is upon us and we see new life everywhere. Well, here in North Florida spring came very early – our winter was in spurts and sputters. Now all around the globe people are preparing for Easter, the most grand announcement of new life. The bitterness of death and disappointment conquered by the wonder of pure love and faithfulness. For God so loved that He gave is the ageless story that ushered into the earth the Prince of heaven. The Heart of God Himself was wrapped in flesh and walked among us and we beheld His glory! What a measureless, boundless, unthinkable epic thought that the creator would care so greatly for fallen man that He would personally come to us. As a father’s tender affections would guide him to his injured child, so it was with God. His heart for each of us is full and overflowing with tender mercies and unchanging love. Oh how He
loves you and me.

It was not from the heart of the Creator or the Law Giver, not even the All Mighty God. No, it was from the heart of the most loving, gentle, forgiving, accepting Father that Jesus came. He was not here to redeem subjects for a kingdom or servants for a ruler; He was here to redeem sons and daughters back to the heart of the Father. We are indeed His children, born of His Spirit, joint -heirs with Jesus. Father’s heart is continually pursuing mankind, reaching out to draw in each hurt and wounded soul to a place of safety and belonging. To give each one what we all need so desperately – love and family, acceptance and healing.

The cross was the most graphic image of punishment and wrath, yet at the same time it was the birth place for redemption and welcoming to all who would receive. Out of the darkest hours the world had ever known came the symphony of life and hope. The sweet song of deliverance and love raced across time and space, casting out the horror and fear of the night. Life has conquered death, man and God reconciled. That is the song heard throughout the ages: I am reconciled to God; my sins and iniquities He remembers no more! I am not a servant nor am I a second class citizen. I am a daughter of the All Mighty God, but he prefers for me to call Him Daddy.


Feb 282013

Below is an excerpt from a conversation Anna is having with Mica as she attempts to explain the unexplainable which is the wonder and limitless love of God.  And the WORD was made flesh-Jesus.

“If the most notable authors of the world could meet and exhaust their intellect and ability to write the world’s most wonderful story, they would still fall far below the story that God has written.  So vast are His ways, yet this story is so simple that even a child can receive life through Jesus.  When time as we know it yields to eternity, every accomplishment of man will bow and submit itself to His greatness.  Only faith will be able to stand in His presence, and those who embrace it.  We will shine as stars in His heaven.  As the columns of the Temple stand as visual reminders of God’s Majesty, so will our lives of faith.  The just will live by faith.

Walking back through the pathways of time I now see the footprints of God.  He has been there every day.  In my times of complaining, He listened without rebuke.  In my days of sadness, He was there holding my heart in His hands. When all looked hopeless, He was my anchor in the storm.  He danced with me.  He sang with me. He laughed with me, not at me.  Not once did He become unhappy or disappointed with me.  He is love, so He loves.  He is love, so His care is limitless.  He is love,  so He gives without expecting anything in return. This is true love.  He does not hesitate when we are in need.  He will abandon all of heaven to touch one hurting soul.  Such is the One who is the lover of my soul.  His name is Jesus”.

Feb 112013

My child, Anna, has been out in public now for more than 6 weeks and she is loved by all who have read her. I am blessed and surprised by the reviews that I have received. It seems that Anna and David are a huge success so far.

Also it is interesting what each person takes away from the story. One lady said she used the details about the ceremonial baths before the wedding to teach on purity. Another person said she has not trusted God for her marriage as Anna did for hers. One said, “I don’t think the gospel could be presented in a lovelier way.” Three others are starting Bible studies from the book. Others took
the journey and experienced God’s grace and love from a fresh prospective.

It just goes to prove that God can and does use anyone who is willing. Writing a novel was never on my bucket list, not ever. However, the Spirit of God gave me a story and surrounded me with people who helped me and cheered me on and now Anna is telling her story. I am amazed and so thankful.

Jan 092013

So you are thinking about having a baby? (Writing a book) Well I’ve learned that it is like
falling off a bike – you never forget how. No, wait! That’s riding a bike that you don’t forget.
However, it’s the falling that you remember most.

Everyone has a story to tell; whatever your story, is it is important and should be told. I met a
dear gentleman a few years ago. Both of us were having our cars worked on. As I always do, I
started up a conversation. He told me that he had fought in the great war and was a prisoner of war
for a few weeks. I thanked him for his sacrifice and asked if he had written down his experiences?
“No, who would want to read about that?” he said, to which I answered that I would love to read
that! Please ,please, don’t leave this earth without telling your story. I then handed him my business
card and again pleaded with him to leave that legacy in writing for others to read. I never heard from
him and that is so sad because his story is part of our story.

Maybe your journey doesn’t seem important either, but it is. Your story is as unique as you.
When it is told from your view point there really isn’t a right or wrong with your journey. I’m not
saying that you did everything perfect or that you didn’t do some amazingly stupid things, but the
unveiling of your life story should not have a box next to it marked right or wrong. You made
mistakes but YOU are not a mistake.

Dec 242012

This has been a great journey and I have loved it completely. I found out that I am the comma queen. I have a passionate love affair with commas, however it is a one sided relationship. For my editor has shamelessly taken away most of my commas and she did it with glee! I had so purposely placed each one in its own special setting and then she came and ripped them away. I was shattered! And as if that wasn’t enough, she then shined the spot light on my backward sentences and laughed as she did it. With a bewitching power, she brought my reading group into the joy that she had because of my lack of proper punctuation. They toasted my faulty sentence structure and danced with rejoicing.

Well, actually we all had many laughs over my poorly placed commas and sentence structure. My reading group has been grand in every way. They have loved me, supported me and, yes, laughed with me for months – thank you. And I have a very special friend that agreed to edit this novel. She is a jewel in more ways than I can count. I told her that I owed her my first born to which she replied, “do you want this friendship to end now? Just kidding.”

My husband and family are the best fans anyone could have. If nothing comes of this novel, just the sweetness of my family and the renewal of friendships along the way has been reward enough. How blessed I am.

Dec 242012

For those who do not know the beginning of this trek that I’ve been on, it all started April of 2010. I was listening to a pastor on the web and he made this statement, “who are these people that Jesus dealt with? What was their lives like before they met Jesus? And what about after they had that grand encounter with the Master? Can you even imagine?”

It was there standing in my kitchen that I knew a story was waiting to be told. In my mind it would take an hour or two and be a couple of pages at most. Never in my wildest dreams did I think about a novel. Writing a novel has never crossed my mind ever. And when I finished the first 100 or so pages I was shocked and it had only taken about eight or ten hours all together. It was as if someone was sitting next to me and said: I’ll talk, you type. It was all there waiting to be put in print. After I finished the other two hundred pages it was more than a week before I could speak the words, ‘I have written a novel.’ It
was just too strange and yet it was true.

Nov 152012

Well finally the baby has been born! I carried her for 2 years and 7 months. I don’t think elephants carry their young that long, do they? However, the delivery was so easy – not at all like the other children that I delivered. And all of you guys are clueless about this unless of course you understand that I am talking about my novel was born. But I have delivered children also.  And it is with fear and excitement that I send her out into the world to be evaluated by friends and foes. How will she hold her head up high and hold on to her dignity if others are cruel and uncaring? Did I prepare her for all the inspection that she will undergo? I guess only time will tell, and like parents every where, if she is praised by all I did good. However if she is dismissed and treated poorly then it is her daddy’s side of the family that caused her to mess up! Lol